Branding Guidelines

TATA Power-DDL Branding Guidelines and Logo Usage

Our Brand is the face of our organisation. It is the way we want our customers to perceive us and our services. Our brand communicates our organisation’s vision clearly and builds an emotional connect with the target audience, hence it is imperative that the brand usage guidelines are sincerely adhered to.

The branding of an organisation should be consistent and standard throughout the platforms it is projected on, be it social media profile, emails, website, etc. An organisation gets recognised through its brand, hence it is critical to have uniformity in the application of a brand.

Brand guidelines are important in standardizing the usage and implementation of the branding for an organisation. It serves as a guide for everyone who refers your brand, internally or externally. Consistency and clarity of the branding guidelines is very important in order to ensure that the brand is presented in a standard way to the audience.

Technical Guidelines for Use of TATA POWER-DDL Logo

The Tata Power-DDL logo comprises of 2 elements:
1. The Oval shape with an artistic rendition of the power symbol enclosed within the oval

Both the elements have a fixed relationship as described in the logo specifications and should not be used in isolation of each other.

The height of the letter T of Tata (T-height), indicated as ‘1x’ in the measurements, is the basic measure for all sizes and proportions. The Oval shape is separated from the TATA POWER-DDL lettering below it by a distance of x and the Oval shape has a width of 5x and height of 3.5x and the left to right span of the text TATA POWER-DDL is 12x. The dotted line around the mark indicates the minimum exclusion zone into which nothing should intrude. This zone which measures as much as the height of the letter T, on all sides, has been designed to ensure that the mark never appears cluttered by other graphics.

The Tata Power-DDL logo has to be reproduced in TATA Blue colour defined as per the specifications below:

  • Tata Blue – Pantone 2727C
  • CMYK – C 90 M 60 Y 0 K 0
  • RGB – R 51 G 51 B 153
  • Hex Code – 333399

The logo should be reproduced only from the master artwork provided in various digital forms, viz - Portable Graphics Format (.png), Joint Photographic Experts Group (.JPEG)

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